Specifying, choosing and implementing computer systems

The stages

The stages for specifying, choosing and implementing are:

1. Establish the foundations:

o Determine the aims of the systems you are about to purchase/design (WP 1-1).

o Recruit project manager, ideally full time, depending on the project.

o Establish a ‘Problems, issues and requirements database’ (SS 1-7).

o Hold an introductory meeting(s).

o Hold an initial risk workshop to determine circumstances which threaten the successful delivery of the project.

o Draw up an approximate timetable (SS 1-6 Plan).

o Determine who will be affected by the new system – the users (also called stakeholders) (WP 1-9).

2. Question the users to define the output they require to achieve their objectives (SS 2-2).

3. Summarise and specify the requirements for the new system in terms of the output it is to produce and the input which is therefore required (WP 4-1).

4. Evaluate and choose the system which best meets your requirements (or design it).

5. Establish the technology to support the system.

6. Make the system available to users.

7. Write the procedures manual (Section C)

8. Carry out user acceptance testing.

9. Train all users.

10. Implement the system (in parts if necessary).

Thus stages 1 to 4 are those which specify the information required and choose the system which can best supply it. Stages 5 to 10 are those which implement the chosen system.

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